About Our Coffee

Our coffee beans are from the top 1% of the best coffee grown around the world. You might think coffee quality is simply a matter of personal preference, but the coffee industry uses a very structured and accurate grading chart to rank coffee bean quality. Specialty coffee is a huge segment of the coffee industry, and a very wide quality spectrum of specialty coffees are available on the market. We only purchase coffee that has been graded as being the best. In addition, coffee beans we buy must be shade-grown and fairly-traded. With our strict requirements, we are only purchasing from the top 1% of coffee beans available. Then our Master Coffee Roaster goes to work, with sample after sample and roast after roast, until he finds the perfect roast for each coffee.

Buying shade-grown coffee makes a difference, both in your cup and for sustainability. With less sunlight available, the coffee plant grows more slowly, allowing the flavor to develop without acidity and bitterness. Our coffee farmers don’t deforest their growing areas like most of the mass producers, so the natural foliage is left in place. This approach is better for the environment and better for your cup of coffee.

We roast and ship daily. Freshness makes a big difference in how coffee tastes, and after the first month, coffee loses a lot of the flavor that you enjoy. Most coffee beans sold in a grocery store were roasted 6 or more months ago. Instead, we roast to order, and ship as soon as possible, so you are enjoying coffee roasted days ago, rather than months ago.

When you buy Honorbound Coffee, you are not only helping to support our country’s military families, you are buying the highest-quality and freshest coffee beans available.